Schilderij ‘Not yet’

Schilderij 100 x 70 cm.’Not yet’

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I call this painting “Not yet”.
It is 100 x 70 cm. painted in acryl. The sides are painted as well so a frame is not needed. the price includes sending in cardboard box.

When healing is not there (yet). When you have to be patient, or when the valley of illness is deep and long. The Lord is still with you! He has never left you! You can rest in His Hammock of grace. (hangmat)
Years ago when my husband was very ill in intensive care, almost loosing life, I had been praying for him for 3 days. I dare not close my eyes, afraid he might pass away in the night. I felt so guilty exhausted for not being able to pray anymore and overwhelmed with the responsibility for him. Then the Lord showed me this. He wanted me to take rest knowing He is in charge. I could sleep knowing He is fighting with me, for me, for my husband. Now years later, he is well, and I have waited years to paint this image. So this is for you. Even if my story does not apply to everyone, I hope the image may comfort and support you, when you need healing, or when you are at a bedside. Keep at it. You are loved, and not alone. Blessings.


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